Non uniform day – Young Carers Awareness Day

At our meeting this week, the School Council listened to an excellent presentation by one of our young carers.

The council decided to support Young Carers Awareness Day on Thursday 26th January. We will be holding a non-uniform day and asking for a donation of £1.

For more information on Young Carers and what they do, click on the link below.



Our first School Council Trip

We have exciting news – Mr Clucas has asked us to go to St Nicholas C of E Primary School in Blackpool to investigate the use of cups in lessons.

We will then present our findings to the teachers at staff meeting.

The children whose names were pulled out of a cup (we didn’t have a hat!) are:

Alex, Rosie, Caitlin, Samira, Hannah and Gabrielle.

Well done and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Our School Councillors

Our school council this year has twenty one members, a representative from each class.

This year our councillors are:

Samira – Chair

Hannah – Deputy Chair

Caitlin – Secretary.

Daniel, Ruby, Rosie, Gabrielle, Ellie, Carina, Alexandria, Liga, TJ, Madison, Jaxon, Abbie, Evie, Imman, Reece, Decster, Gracie Mae and Harvey.

Good luck guys, you are the voice of our children.