A Visit to St Nicholas C of E Primary School


Alex, Rosie, Caitlin, Samira, Hannah and Gabrielle went on a visit to St Nicholas C of E Primary School with Mr Clucas, Mrs Jones, Mrs Barr and Mrs McDowell to investigate the use of coloured cups throughout lessons.

They discovered that each child in each class has a green,amber and red cup and they use a colour to show their understand throughout their lessons – green means they fully understand what they are learning, amber means they are not too sure and red means they don’t understand and need some help.

The children can then help each other on their table or the teacher can see they need help depending on what colour cup they have showing.

The School Council thought this was a brilliant idea and delivered a presentation to the staff at Layton explaining how they think the cups can be used at our school.

An important job for the councillors…


Yesterday, a school council representative from each year group was involved in a very important job. The 10 school councillors who were chosen had breakfast with and asked questions to the candidates who had applied to become a new Assistant Head at our school. There were 3 candidates in total, and the school councillors asked questions regarding their application for the job and what they could bring to Layton Primary School. The councillors learnt a lot about each candidate and really enjoyed the experience.